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Educational Excursions, Visits & Tours

At Lead British International School, educational excursions, visits and trips are undertaken both locally and internationally. The purpose of these excursions, visit and trips is to enable the students to learn in a fun and relaxing way and interact with people from other countries to build friendships, enhance social skills and gain cultural insights.

The educational excursions, visits and trips are organized in accordance with the school calendar as prepared by every faculty. They include:

1. The LA Study Tour (USA) - a guided tour of Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory, Six Flags, California Science Centre, L.A. City, Hollywood, Disney World, Museums and Laboratories. The students had chances to participate in some educational activities. The trip provided a deeper insight into how history is preserved in Western nations.
2. John Kennedy Space Centre USA
3. Leadership Training in France, Belgium, and Switzerland
4. Sports trip to Belgium, France, and Spain
5. French trip to Belgium
6. National trips such as National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC), held at Baze University, Abuja
7. National Youth Summit On Drugs/ Substance Prevention, held at the former SGF Conference Hall, Federal Secretariat, Phase 1, Abuja
8. Excursion to Nigeria’s Historical monuments in Badagry, Lagos.
9. Excursion to Obudu Cattle Range, Cross River State
10. National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) to find out the current trends and development in Space Science.
11. Excursion to Central Bank of Nigeria at the Currency Museum/Gallery
12. Excursion to Gurara Water falls, Niger State.

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