LBIS Primary

Academic Programmes

At our Primary section we run a blend of British, Nigerian and the International Primary Curriculum. Our students are exposed adequate learning resources for every lesson. Our teachers make use of projectors to deliver well researched topics for every subject. Our pupils are challenged during lessons to be critical thinkers and solution providers for day-to-day challenges of life. Our pupil’s academic performance is judged by their scores in their class work, continuous assessment tests, class project scores and examination scores. They are exposed to educational quizzes (Mathematics, Social Science, Spelling Bee competitions). We also run an Inclusive Special Needs Section for children with Special Educational Needs.

Teaching and learning is fun in LBIS.

We offer the following subjects:
• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Science
• Information Communication Technology
• Social Studies
• History
• Geography
• French
• Nigerian Languages (Yoruba/ Hausa/Igbo)
• Religion (Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies)
• Physical Education
• Music
• Art

We recognise that every child is unique and our small class sizes with two teachers in each, boost our pupils’ potential to be the best that they can be.

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