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Thursday, 24 November 2016 00:43



Curriculum News and co-curricular activities from our Faculties


Four students wrote the DELF Examinations on November 8th at the French Institute. Results will be out next year.
There are no upcoming events.




This term has recorded a number of milestone achievements for the faculty. Indeed, it has been very rewarding and exciting for both staff and students.


The faculty organized one-day training for staff on the use of edmodo for students’ assessment and evaluation. This programme was anchored by Mr. Jimmigeo Nwokeji (Government teacher).


Students were organized and prepared to attend the following leadership and educational programmes;

-       Maiden edition of the National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC), held at Baze University, Abuja on 19th October, 2016.

-       The Nigerian International Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN) conference held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja between 22nd and 26th October, 2016.

-       National Youth Summit On Drugs/ Substance Prevention, held at the former SGF Conference hall, Federal Secretariat, Phase 1, Abuja on 26th and 27th October, 2016.

Due to logistic and security concerns, the following excursions could not hold, but have tentatively been rescheduled for next term;

-       Excursion to Nigeria’s historical monuments in Badagry, Lagos.

-       Excursion to Obudu, Calabar.



The faculty of Humanities is poised, like never before to strive to achieve the highest expectations in the best interest of our students and the school in general. This we are doing through diligence in implementing all facets of our curriculums through child-centred teaching-learning approaches to meet modern-day needs of the society/global community.


Newsletter for Faculty of Mathematics and Science


The Faculty of Mathematics and Science has students who are actively engaged in various hands-on experiments in Science. Recently, our students visited National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) to find out the current trends and development in Space Science.

The level of articulation of our students is evident from their high degree of critical and analytical reasoning skills. Essentially, our students do mathematics by analyzing problem and formulating counter examples. Also, intra-class Mathematics quizzes are organized among senior and junior classes.  And, exciting and fascinating science practical lessons were organized across Year level throughout the term.


The Scientist in NASRDA found our students highly motivated to investigate issues related to Space Science.

Our students conducted students centered experiments in sciences, such as titration, test for reducing and oxidizing agents. Also, practical demonstration of Colloid, Suspension and Solutions were made.

Our junior students in Year 8 could organize and mann experiments to test for magnetic poles using iron fillings. Further, several students’ led experiments were conducted by students in Key Stage three.

Our senior students can independently prepare hydrogen gas in the laboratory using metals and hydrochloric acid. To mention a few, test for unknown gas to identify ammonia and oxygen gas were conducted.

News and Announcements

 To foster students learning and equip them with recent trends in Mathematics and Science, critical and analytical approaches to problem solving is being employed in learning mathematics and science. 

The following programmes have been scheduled:

1.     Mathematics Competition for Abuja Schools- the Faculty will host and organize Mathematics Competition.

2.    Visit to Centre of Excellence in Science.

3.    Students Mathematics Project- Students will develop their own method

4.    Chemistry challenge for Abuja schools- the Faculty will host and organize Chemistry Competition.

Further, the Faculty introduced Students’ Mathematical Forum. Essentially, it aims to build flair for mathematics in students as they learn Mathematics through discussions and reasoning. More so, to demonstrate understanding, student- led scientific investigations for both seniors and juniors, such as generation of hydrogen gas are being carried out. Our students are able to conduct this experiment by dissolving zinc in mineral acid.



















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Thursday, 24 November 2016 00:36


The past WAEC Examinations have come and gone. This is a reminder for any student who has not checked their results yet.

LBIS recorded 100% credit passes in English of which 56.3% are distinctions. In Math, we recorded 95% credit passes and 84.4% distinctions.

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